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Microsoft Active Directory Data Protection and Recovery Solutions
Acronis data protection offers flexible choices for your Microsoft Active Directory


Protecting Your Key User Authentication System

Microsoft Active Directory® is a database that stores all of your organization’s user accounts and passwords. If Active Directory malfunctions, your entire organization may stop functioning — including shared resources, email, SQL databases — which all depend on Active Directory.

It is vital to protect Microsoft Active Directory domain controllers to ensure business continuity.

Acronis delivers a broad range of Microsoft Active Directory backup, recovery and data protection solutions:

  • Complete backup and flexible recovery
  • Cloud disaster recovery, which provides fast recovery time objectives (RTOs) and guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Active Directory integration with Mac® workstations and laptops

Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine and trusted by more than 500,000 businesses, all Acronis solutions are built on best-in-class, proven technologies designed specifically to provide the best protection for Microsoft Active Directory.


Microsoft Active Directory Backup and Recovery Solutions

Whether your organization has a single Active Directory domain controller or hundreds of servers driven by a multi-tier Active Directory structure, Acronis delivers easy, complete, safe, fast, and reliable backup offerings based on best-in-class, innovative technologies.

Reduce management complexity with a flexible, straightforward user interface

Encrypt data in transit and at rest, and store it to SSAE 16-certified data centers in the Acronis Cloud

Confidently deploy a backup solution that is trusted by more than 500,000 businesses worldwide

Protect your entire Active Directory infrastructure, regardless of where your domain controller is located — on-premises, at remote sites, and in the private or public clouds

Quickly back up and recover domain controllers anywhere with best-in-class data protection technologies powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine

Key Products

Microsoft Active Directory Backup and Recovery Products

Acronis Cyber Backup
Complete backup and data protection for your entire business, whether your data is stored on-premises, in remote systems, in private and public clouds, or on mobile devices.

Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced
Robust, easy-to-use data protection with advanced functionality for complex environments.

Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud
Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud is a proven, comprehensive, local and cloud backup and recovery service for service providers. Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud backs up data from any source, stores data locally, in the cloud, and lets you recover to any destination and system.

Cloud Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Active Directory

Acronis Disaster Recovery Service
Cloud-based disaster recovery for organizations that require constant data availability and business-critical systems.

Acronis provides an all-in-one cloud disaster recovery (DR) solution with push-button restore, automated testing, and guaranteed SLAs of 15 minutes and less. Acronis is trusted by organizations of all sizes that have low tolerance for IT disruptions, data loss, or services downtime.

Acronis enables business continuity by protecting data, servers, and entire data centers with a robust hybrid cloud DR solution.

With Acronis Disaster Recovery Service, you can:

  • Keep Active Directory domain controllers up and running
  • Use one unified service to back up all of your data and protect your domain controllers in the event of disaster
  • Protect any system and environment, including Active Directory domain controllers
  • Save money by reducing downtime and lowering business interruption insurance premiums

Infrastructure Monitoring

Acronis Monitoring Service
SaaS-based unified monitoring for cloud, on-premise and hybrid IT infrastructures.

Acronis Monitoring Service provides you with everything you need to ensure critical systems are up and running and to get insights into the performance of your entire IT infrastructure.

With Acronis Monitoring Service, you are able to:

  • Configure Windows Server and Linux performance monitoring in a few minutes via quick, straightforward, wizard-driven setup
  • Monitor key OS and hardware metrics, applications, event logs, services, processes and more
  • Monitor Active Directory by establishing performance baselines for your directory servers and replication structure so you can cite trends and alleviate potential bottlenecks before they have a negative impact on your AD performance
  • Receive e-mail, SMS, and phone call notifications that can be configured precisely to your needs

Integration of Windows Servers and Mac

Acronis Files Connect
Solve file corruption, slow file searches, disconnects from file shares and other incompatibilities when accessing Windows file and print servers from a Mac.

If your organization is one of the estimated 80% of enterprises that have Mac users who need to work on files and documents in a mixed Mac-Windows environment, you know firsthand that Windows Servers and Macs communicate differently.

When Mac users try use Active Directory to access Windows file and print servers, they typically experience performance and data integrity problems, slow searches, and many other issues. This impacts your business in many ways as well.

Acronis Access Connect is the best file and print sharing solution for integrating Macs into a Windows Server infrastructure driven by Active Directory. It is an Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) file service that runs on your Windows server and lets Macs connect to file shares and NAS via AFP instead of the Server Messaging Block (SMB) protocol. This eliminates SMB protocol shortcomings, performance, and compatibility problems.

Acronis Access Connect allows you to:

  • Seamlessly integrate Macs into your Windows Server environment
  • Eliminate file compatibility problems and improve user satisfaction
  • Improve productivity with fast Spotlight search


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