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Linux Data Protection
Flexible data protection options for your Linux® distro


Best-in-Class Data Protection for your Linux Servers

What happens if your organization’s website goes down? Since your website is your most critical marketing and sales engine, its outage can lead to significant financial loss — a reduced pipeline, dissatisfied clients, lost sales, and additional costs. Protecting your Linux is vital to ensure business continuity.

Acronis delivers a broad range of data protection solutions for your Linux:

  • Complete backup and flexible recovery
  • Cloud disaster recovery providing fast recovery time objectives (RTOs) and guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Linux deployment and refresh

Acronis data protection solutions are powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, a best-in-class, trusted technology.


Linux Backup Solutions

Whether your organization is large or small, Acronis has a Linux backup solution for you. Whether you have single Linux system or hundreds of systems, Acronis offers easy, complete, fast, and reliable backup solutions based on best-in-class, innovative Linux data protection technologies.

Reduce management complexity with a flexible, straightforward user interface

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and in the Acronis Cloud it is housed in SSAE 16 certified data centers

Trusted by more than 500,000 businesses worldwide

Protect Linux everywhere — locally, remotely, and in the cloud

Quickly back up and recover Linux-based workloads anywhere with best-in-class data protection technologies

Key Products

Linux Backup Products

Acronis Cyber Backup
Complete backup and data protection for your entire business, whether your data is stored on-premises, in remote systems, in private and public clouds, or on mobile devices.

Acronis Cyber Backup Advanced
Robust, easy-to-use data protection with advanced functionality for complex environments.

Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud
Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud is a proven, comprehensive, local and cloud backup and recovery service for service providers. Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud backs up data from any source, stores data locally, in the cloud, and lets you recover to any destination and system.

Cloud Disaster Recovery for Linux

Acronis Disaster Recovery Service
Cloud-based disaster recovery for organizations that require constant data availability and business-critical systems.

Acronis provides an all-in-one Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution with push-button restore, automated testing, and guaranteed SLAs of 15 minutes and less. Acronis is trusted by organizations of all sizes that have a low tolerance for IT disruptions, data loss, or service downtime. Acronis enables business continuity by protecting data, systems, and entire data centers with a robust, hybrid cloud DR solution.

With Acronis Disaster Recovery Service, you can:

  • Keep critical production Linux systems up and running
  • Use one unified service to back up all of your data and protect your Linux systems in the event of disaster
  • Protect any system and environment, including Linux
  • Save money by reducing downtime and lowering business interruption insurance premiums

Infrastructure Monitoring

Acronis Monitoring Service
SaaS-based unified monitoring for cloud, on-premise and hybrid IT infrastructures.

Acronis Monitoring Service provides you with everything you need to ensure critical systems are up and running and to get insights into the performance of your entire IT infrastructure.

With Acronis Monitoring Service, you are able to:

  • Configure Windows Server and Linux performance monitoring in a few minutes via quick, straightforward, wizard-driven setup
  • Monitor key OS and hardware metrics, applications, event logs, services, processes and more
  • Monitor Active Directory by establishing performance baselines for your directory servers and replication structure so you can cite trends and alleviate potential bottlenecks before they have a negative impact on your AD performance
  • Receive e-mail, SMS, and phone call notifications that can be configured precisely to your needs

System Deployment and Refresh for Linux

Acronis Snap Deploy
Provision hundreds of systems as fast as you can provision one. Use advanced snapshot technology to produce a customizable master image and deploy across multiple systems simultaneously.

If your organization is a large enterprise, an educational institution, or a government agency, you know that deploying new software to, and creating configurations for, multiple Linux systems is a complicated, time-consuming task.

Acronis Snap Deploy is a complete, user-friendly solution that provisions all your Linux systems in the time it takes to provision just one!

With Acronis Snap Deploy, you can:

  • Improve IT productivity by provisioning the Linux operating system, configurations, applications, and data to bare-metal machines
  • Rapidly re-deploy systems to refresh or change configurations in a lab, R&D, or test environment
  • Automate the process with scheduled deployments

Acronis Snap Deploy - Provision hundreds of systems as fast as you can provision one. Create a customizable master image and deploy across multiple systems simultaneously.


Download the Acronis Cyber Backup 12 Datasheet (PDF).